A crew of young and incredibly talented musicians who can play literally anything.

What do we do?

We enjoy playing any given genre. Starting by music of Bon Jovi to compositions by Dvořák, from Santana through Zimmer to Kmoch.

The purpose of No Strings Orchestra is to continue the tradition of wind music in Pardubice town, to promote and popularize wind music, to interpret classical wind works and transcriptions for wind orchestras by Czech and foreign authors.

About orchestra
Vystoupení NSO na ZUŠ Open 23. 5. 2022

Members of the NSO

No Strings Orchestra consists mainly of pupils of ZUŠ Havlíčkova Pardubice, which patronizes the orchestra as a whole, and has also shown an immense support towards the NSO throughout the years. However, besides mentioned pupils, we have got players who have already passed their high school studies or even uni studies and nowadays work full-time.

The orchestra is open to accepting new players no matter their background, professional or non-professional. So then, if you think you have got what it takes to play with us, do NOT hesitate, make sure to hit us with a message and we will do our best to meet both ends.

Hit us!


Check out our "Best of" which contains pieces we already played in the past. We may take out some old bangers every now and then and perform them to our best. Can't miss on those, can you?!

Performed on Pernštýnské square in Pardubice

Bon Jovi, Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Game of Thrones, Santana

Performing in KD Hronovická Pardubice

The Greatest Showman, Dvořák, Škoda lásky, 80er KULT, Typewritter

Koncert v rámci ZUŠ Open, Sukova síň DH v Pardubicích

The Avengers, Forrest Gump, Resilience, Dramatic Tales, Cyclone, Stevie Wonder

Koncert na dostihovém závodišti v Pardubicích

ABBA, New Age Rock, The Simpsons, Bon Jovi, 80er KULT, Santana, The Greatest Showman


Erwin Jahreis, Markus Götz, Otto M. Schwarz, Kurt Gäble, Karol Pádivý, Paul Murtha, Evžen Zámečník

NSO leadership

So that the orchestra works as right as rain and things always go as planned we need the right guys in the right places. Guess what... that's exactly what we've got!

Dirigent No Strings Orchestra Martin Maroul 

Martin Maroul


Martin has been the main conductor for the NSO since 2013. Besides that, he is the 1st trumpeter for The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, tutor at local conservatory and also teaches the youngest pupils to play wind instruments at ZUŠ Pardubice, Havlíčkova.

Dirigent No Strings Orchestra Ondřej Mejsnar 

Ondřej Mejsnar


Ondřej is the 2nd conductor for the NSO and usually presents our performances. Besides his activities within the orchestra he is a tutor at Pardubice Conservatory, a teacher at ZUŠ Havlíčkova Pardubice, an organist, a pianist and a choirmaster at the same time.


Rozálie Polášková 


Active baritone player, orchestra president and main promoter of the NSO through social media. Rozálie responsibly arranges the functioning of the entire orchestra, communicates with the public and is the right hand of both conductors.