About Us

Meet us

We are No Strings Orchestra, one of the most successful bands to arise within elementary shools of art in the Czech Republic.

The name gives a hint about the roster of the orchestra. No Strings stands for no strings. Therefore, looking at us, you can't stumble on a fiddlestick or a string.

When it comes to our repertoire, it really is miscellaneous. We play variety of pop music, musicals, movie soundtracks, and even classical music. Furthermore, we can pull some Oompah music too. Our performances have cheered many listeners. We believe you will enjoy them as well!

Our roster consists mainly of pupils and graduates of ZUŠ Havlíčkova 925, Pardubice. The school itself creates a hinterland and continuingly fills gaps in our roster with young talented kids. You can meet us in Pardubice, where most of our performances take place. Contrary to that, it's no exception that we perform at other places too.

A little bit of history

The orchestra has been established in 1960, however it has been through changes. One of them being a creation of the NSO association, whose president was one of our trumpet players, Jan Rieger. Alongside with conductor Martin Maroul they made sure that pupils can keep on playing in the orchestra even after graduating if they actually want to. This all led to the look of No Strings Orchestra as we know it today.

In the course of following years, No Strings Orchestra performed at local festivals and other events. The NSO regularly attends and plays at city autumn celebrations, pulls concerts for high schools (Svítání) and many other. The NSO oftentimes invites another orchestra from nearby to perform with them. Such performances are always appreciated by listeners. In the past, the NSO played at music festival Fišerův Bydžov, urban festival Zrcadlo umění in Pardubice, or performed at international festival of music and folklore, which took place in polish city Leszno.

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